Featured Projects

Our team delivers mobile and web software products of any complexity ensuring that they meet customers’ requirements and their business needs. For the time we were building bespoke software solutions we have gained an extensive experience of work in multiple industries. Take a look at some of our development cases.


A mobile application for training and practicing before taking an exam.

Our customer has been engaged in the educational sphere for a long time and got an idea of a startup project that could become a problem solver for many people who are preparing to take an exam. Our customer had experienced collaboration with other software agencies before approaching Adamt, and that is why we started our work with getting an insight into existing code and data. Our task was to create a completely new navigation flow, dashboard, and structure for iOS devices. Our team developed an app that lets users build and take custom practice exams, track the progress. Our team optimised a dashboard simplifying the delivery of the personalized statistics with bright-coloured visual graphs and charts. Designers pay special attention to the improvement of the user experience making screens more readable and intuitive.


A web platform and native apps for the field service industry.

The idea of the platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android was to create better conditions of management field technicians remotely. The software product should have taken care of issue invoices, payments, job results capturing and many other aspects. The platform was designed and developed deploying RESTful architecture on Azure cloud. Our team optimised field service management due to improved coordination, reduced paperwork, and simplified scheduling. Thanks to web and mobile technologies integration, the platform encompasses all aspects of the management from the database to interaction layer connecting field and office workers and providing secure and fast access to the corporate data. We also utilised the capabilities of iOS and Android enabling offline operation with further ability to synchronise the changes.


A healthcare mobile application for mood tracking and stress resistance training.

Modern fuss and busy lifestyle which causes a lot of source of stress inspire our customer to build a mobile application that could help people to increase their confidence and find peace. Our task was to develop an interactive diary that will enable mood monitoring, better evaluate the past and improve the decision-making practice. A categorised data inputting make it easy to see a whole picture clearly, you just fill in the field such as Action, Location, Decision, Experience, Emotion and other and track common factors: where you were happy the most, when do you feel the angriest, what cause you feel nervous and others. Our designers made the data organisation visually distinguished and let users customise their diaries.

Price Aware

A dashboard for efficient online retailers’ price tracking and comparing

Our client approached the company to create a web tool that would be able to monitor Minimum Advertised Price and Universal Price and the channels strategies. Our developers built a web app that allows users to access a complete, daily online coverage of stock keeping units activity, collecting data on grey market dealers and tracking distribution leaks. The main purpose of the program is to monitor and enforce the price compliance and promotion. The features set includes logging, automated emails, custom reporting, data import and export, archival, creation of a Dealer Database and others. Besides, there are two types of users with different capabilities depending on their role: an administrator who can manage members and personal information, set alerts and notifications and view all the information available, and a member whose role limited with the abilities to view dashboards, offers, export results, analytics reports and manage personal information.


An Android app for monitoring recreational vehicle conditions.

Our client applied to Adamt to develop an Android tablet application that can indicate RV facilities information due to the system connection via Bluetooth mediator device. Our task was to create an informative, readable user interface design that could intuitively display battery management data, performance (BMC, ACM, SCM) and relevant status, and the clock according to detected devices. Our developers have integrated control and monitoring functionality, static and dynamic contents including manuals and videos, user registration and in-app purchases.

Resource Planning

A desktop software for enterprise resource planning customised to the construction business.

In collaboration with a construction company, our development agency built software that collects, stores, processes, and analyse the data from multiple business activities starting with planning and purchasing to inventory management and payment. Thus the program provides a complete view of business operations and monitors core performance indicators in real-time. It tracks business resources, and status of business operations and shares collected data across all the department of the company. Such software helps to control cash, materials, staff, orders, projects and payments in an efficient and simplified way ensuring better management system. The usage of the program lets the company save costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve the decision-making process.