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We are an iOS application development organization located in the UK for iOS and Android platforms to provide first-class mobile software solutions. Our iPad and iPhone application developers focus on providing a stylish design and powerful code to create an engaging experience and authorization tool for our staff and customers. Our team in various industries to create a large number of apps can help us get the most out of our skills and at a reasonable price and within the agreed time frame for your company to develop a new application.

What we do

If you are creating an interactive iPhone app for your customers to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, you may also provide you with a strong staffing and iOS capability for your employees, and our developers and designers can convert to an amazing iPhone software. Our mobile development services include everything you may need to create an application:

  • Business analysis and creation of mobile strategy;
  • Development, quality assurance and launch;
  • Maintenance and consultation.

Our in-house professional development team serves global and international companies, focusing on business-oriented digital solutions. The developers of our company are taking advantage of all the new features provided by Apple. Each iOS update enables new capabilities in smart devices, allowing our team to leverage the latest technology to solve the most challenging issues.

What application do you need?

Modern smartphones, especially the iPhone, represent smart multifunction phones that can perform many tasks. App development allows us to extend iPhone functionality and adapt its functionality to your needs and needs. When you contact our developers, you should consider the type of software you need, what features you should have, and what you should resolve. Such a simple question may be a serious challenge for users who are familiar with IT, so let's help you identify the application you need:

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb
  • main10-star


A useful software tool that can perform tasks and help solve problems quickly. It may be a calculator, a calendar, a simple or simple notepad that needs more effort to solve more difficult problems such as financial software, translators, text editing tools, data analysis, task settings, project management and so on.


News applications are not a luxury, but a prerequisite for exporters to save their business in the digital age. E-magazines and newspapers use this software to provide users with content through the iPhone and other smartphones. Often, this means that social media is integrated with the ability to "like" and "share" the content.


The entertainment apps is dedicated to entertainment users while performing certain operations, such as educational software that helps you learn during playback, or it may be a single photo editor or music streaming software.


Some programs help streamline our day-to-day activities, help solve some common problems, and find information easily about interesting topics. For example, fitness apps allow you to learn healthy lifestyles, travel programs, help you navigate unfamiliar places, restaurant web directory, make you book your favorite places to table or discount apps and always find a good business

Social Networks

Social networking programs provide users with better communication and interaction conditions. Most applications usually find social networking components. These five groups summarize more than 20 categories of apples. We will group them together to help you determine the main features you want, and only in your iPhone program.

How to choose an important category?

Most iPhone software combines various categories and features, but in the App Store you can only assign two of them. There are some primary and secondary categories that may help your customers discover it so you can learn how to describe your product in the most effective way.

If your iPhone project means a powerful and exciting feature, then identifying which one to best describe it will become a challenge. Our developers and analysts will be happy to support and advise you on all IT topics, including this article.



Our team will help you determine the main purpose of the product, so it will be easier to describe your main function to find the appropriate category.


Before we start coding, we conduct a thorough study of your industry and the target audience to create images of iPhone users. This study will help us better understand your customers and how they can find your application.


Our IT experience and research from your lead competitor may also help you find the category that fits your application. Therefore, we will ensure that the categories that define your app are reflected accurately.

How to find a good iPhone application developer?

Finding the perfect iPhone application developers and designers is not an easy thing to do. You can not delegate your business philosophy on the DIY platform, providing you with a nearly non-profit app that threatens your brand's reputation. An in-house development team for an iPhone software project will waste your money and your time. The options you should consider are:

  • Freelance Developer
  • Outsourcing of development companies;

It is the best solution for hiring temporary workers. Its advantages include reduced costs of workspace, equipment and annual salaries and benefits.

In addition, you'll find experienced employees whose skills and abilities have been proven by previous iPhone projects. By comparing the individual efforts and skills of the team of experts, you can clearly see the benefits of working with a company that is more reliable than an independent employee trapped. Whether you decide to share your design ideas with a free iOS designer or hire a professional team of iPhone software developers, finding the right business partner may take a lot of time since developing your business application. Here are some tips on what to look for software developers:

  • Industry view

    At first, our project manager talks to you to identify your business objectives and desirable results you want to achieve with the software our company is making. We analyse the results of our conversation and based on what we are developing we determine an approximate time of the development and its costs. Our developers don’t hide a thing from you. Our process is transparent for you. We also run market research and analyse your target audience to offer you useful suggestions that will make your software product only better. Finally, our team actively collaborates with you to determine the core functionality which we are going to implement in the first Sprint of our agile software development process.

  • Portfolio availability

    Your UI / UX software design is just as important as its functionality, and you can check out the skills of iOS designers to see their wallets. Exquisite applications with intuitive user interface to ensure users interact with software application. This is a good sign that if you are on the project you can see the design that attracts you.

  • Complete cycle development

    Application development is not just coding, but also functional design, excellent user experience, and thorough testing. Which is not favorable to free developers. Find a company with a full team of business analysts, programmers, designers, UX experts and QA testers. Otherwise, you have an adventure of an unfinished project or an incorrectly designed application.

  • Whether it is cheap or high quality

    Select the development partner, remember that the low price should be the red flag. Software development is not cheap, it's true. The MVP cost (minimum feasible) is £ 20,000 to £ 40,000 based on the average cost of developing business apps, which is about £ 140,000. The lower cost may easily become the more expensive because it is necessary to debug it regularly, or even with another team of developers to redo.

  • Contact the Developer

    Developing software products can only be successful if communication between you and the service provider is successful. Although the completion of the iPhone application is not the end of the interaction with the customers, just the beginning, it’s a very important stage of the job. So, looking for professional developers who can handle this, is really stressful and important.


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Apple Development Plan

We are a certified member of the Apple Developer Program, which empowers iOS developers to have multiple privileges, including beta testing, submitting to the App Store, applying analytics and using all possible iOS features to create the most important characteristics of sensation and appearance native. These possibilities and experience allow us to create the most advanced, functional and attractive user experience.

  • Thanks to our skills and the Apple Developer Program, our team make your iPhone application easy to find by billions of customers around the world. Experienced developers take advantage of Apple's cutting edge technology to create features that not only attract users, but also integrate features like Apple Pay, push notifications, iCloud, and support for customers and employees.
  • Working with us, you may only expect to pass all the high quality end products that can be tested before launch. The Apple TestFlight Beta test allows us to share the MVP with external testers so we can test the user experience design and see if it is attractive and fun for your customers.
  • Upon launch, we are happy to provide your maintenance services and implement new features based on the growing needs of the business. In addition, we can analyze your iPhone app, measure user engagement, marketing activity, and monetization, and update and improve your plan based on that data.

Let's talk about it!

We will help your company move. Over the last six years, our developers have provided hundreds of iPhone apps for the App Store, millions of downloads. Contact us to increase your productivity and brand recognition and attract more customers to use intelligent software solutions for iPhone.