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The team is known as one of the best iOS app design and development organizations to provide mobile solutions and technologies that meet the customer's business goals. Developing and designing first-class custom apps to fit your vision is a small part of our best work. The perfect design of mobile apps can play an important role in promoting your products, services or business and reaching new buyers. Highly efficient experience from our customers projects is leading us. This team of iOS programmers can bring to life any app whether it is too complex or too small.

The main advantages of professional design of mobile apps

  • We are the globally recognized software development company;
  • Ruby, Xcode and Objective C;
  • We specialize in app design (Adobe Air, Cocos2D, Corona, Unity, Marmelade, OpenGL ES, PhoneGap, Box2D, Cocoa Touch);
  • We guarantee data security by signing an open agreement;
  • Fast communication via Skype, telephone or email;
  • Launch of terminal products without problems;
  • We choose the development process that best suits your project;
  • Support and maintenance 24 x 7;
  • Post-launch global support.


Dedicated iOS development team has in-depth experience with the following application design services:

  • Web services integration;
  • Customize iOS programs;
  • E-commerce
  • Development of small parts;
  • Mobile Site
  • Security code
  • Social network
  • Apple Watch app
  • QA test and so on.

Four steps to innovate iOS design

Team has four steps to create the ideal iOS app layout:

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb

Explore - Developers want to fully understand their commitment by getting information on business needs, discovering key audiences, limiting the mindset of their services and products, goals, and key achievements. Our exploration program is part of brainstorming, part of the innovation, part of the strategy and part of the close interaction between customers and the team. We think that we are very fast thinkers and innovators who have the ability to find new ideas and better standards. If you are interested in our way of doing things, we really want to make you a customer.

Prototype - A very experienced aspect of the developer is the development of the prototype. To create them in the most appropriate way, you need to collect the user experience on the map. The reason for this is that they help us build a solid foundation for extending the capabilities of iOS apps and realize that these features are essential and identify the relationship between the factors to ensure a compelling user experience.

Speed ​​Up the Job - Once the team has prepared the basics, it's time to do the actual work. The designer begins to create multiple interfaces, screens, the answer button - the mobile design. The designers plan to do rapid prototyping in the early stages of development and never stop the user testing to ensure unprotected quality assurance. Even if your app is only used to meet the needs of your business or is interfered with in the store, custom apps will definitely optimize the experience.

Brand - IT experts have a super team team experience so they can do many different things at the same time. When the developer creates the interface design, the designer thought about the logo and the visual design of the app. They verify the needs and needs of the customer and investigate the target audience. They effectively use market research strategies, mind mapping, case and current trends, and the marketing experts discover what motivates customers.

That's how we create fantastic iOS products. We are proud to mention that the best app designers in our group can create special things to fit your needs and standards. We like our customers!



Although our experts have designed a signal, they have not only developed a proof of identity - they are creating a new language. Absorb their specifications, the experts draw up preliminary principles. Among them, they choose the best, even more found. After a rigorous vision and brainstorming, your team narrows the way for a single idea. So our designers explore and perfect until your logo is ideal.


The main difference between our design is that it is function based. This method can get the best user experience, avoid unnecessary buttons and screens. It is important to understand what elements are required on each screen to perform the most effective.

Do you have a perfect answer to the prompt and feel completely natural? This is the experienced UI sign. This means the job will go beyond the wireframe. In UX phase, the designer can render the application model.

Once the wireframe and the blueprint were created, we developed the UI. UI extends the brand language to create a complete identity.

We chose the main plan screen and started writing skills. Once the UI is complete, the developer starts testing and polishing.


IOS apps can be used on UI and UX, but our round of polishing is where the spell is going. This is what we add extra details, which is our signature style.

We are perfect for transition states, animations and carry all the best information and unique touch to make iOS apps better.

Apple Watch Apps main design principles

Developers are already familiar with the Watchkit SDK and the Xcode Watchkit simulator, as the arena predicts that the Apple Watch series of handheld products will be released in 2015.

While engineers are still very busy with Watchkit programming factors, designers should focus on the main UX aspects of iOS design display apps. For the designer, Apple provided the Apple Watch user interface manual, which should be used as a conceptual design and muse prototype.

Apple's handheld devices are available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, respectively. The screen is touch sensitive and, without gesture support, includes touch contacts to distinguish between touch and hold. There is also a digital clock-side crown that can be used as a way to scroll, zoom in (as an example) and press the button (like the home button on the iPhone). Our professionals have mastered the design of Apple Watch, including UX and UI, to generate the best wearable apps for customers

  • Space to design clocks for Apple

    Apple provides a number of Photoshop features to help designers use the prototype UI. These interfaces should be the conceptualization and arrangement of UI elements to provide a good starting point. When it comes to screen development, the main reason to keep in mind is that developers do not have the accessibility of screen size like other iOS devices, so they will more carefully evaluate the effect of each display, emphasizing the most effective central functionality And the message to be provided. The good news is that we can use the entire screen screen without having to profit because the clock frame adds an important visual fill.

  • UI controls

    When using controls like buttons or switches, our designer's goal is to limit the horizontal size of the component to 3 or more to avoid hitting the percussion target for each component. Apple also advocates using icons as much as possible to replace text content to maximize useful screen space. You need to put less-used buttons in the context menu, giving priority to the confusion of the active display interface.

  • Round buttons and icons

    Compared to a square chart, a circular icon has the ability to have more factors adjacent to the finger at the same distance when touching the screen. Using a square, the path to the next item can be variable and there may be fewer restrictions on the range of objects that may be around the point of contact. In addition, the circular elements are more extensible and can be sized to be sized to show relative to different adjacent circular buttons or icons, which is particularly important for smaller display devices.

  • Images of various sizes

    With the earlier version of the iPhone, iOS designers have realized that it can meet the unique screen size and image resolution, as well as the Apple clock. If the image is poorly sized, the designer always ensures that a separate image is created for each of the two display sizes.


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We design icons to represent your brand

We always design the icons as visibly recognizable and reflect your brand, and in almost all cases, these icons will be the actual visual reproduction of your iOS app icon. Keep your design as close to your iOS version as possible, helping to design the spirit of the application on each platform.

Simple is not always without confusion, this is a simple result. This is what we always see when designing a design - a stylish and conceptual metaphor will bring clarity to your customers.

Precise layout and color design

IOS 7 indicates a transition to graphic design and leaves the skeuomorphic design on aging. Now, Apple is again transforming, focusing on developing a clear, natural interface based on fine, practical typography inspiration. For the usable ones, they chose to fit the San Francisco quoted source, which is a new sans serif font.

Dynamic font type

The choice of system source used in Apple watches is designed for first-class readability, based on the correct footprint that occupies the least amount of horizontal space. More significantly, as the font size increases, the font type changes dynamically to maintain readability, so-called dynamic input. This is a great gift that iOS designers can get for free when choosing a system font in a custom font because they can detect and adjust line spacing and letter spacing accordingly. As an excellent developer, support for dynamic fonts means support for accessibility settings.

Finally, we are always committed to using only one source throughout the app to be consistent. The combination of fonts can disrupt UX best practices. Our designers know how to use different white shades to emphasize text elements and use the color of the main text to further distinguish the excellent labels.

Contrast color

The Apple UI manual shows a sharp distinction between evaluating the content and background of the text, avoiding clear colors. Our designers take advantage of a key color that symbolizes the iOS app brand, which will highlight different labels, such as identifying valuable information or titles.

Professional iOS app design

In fact, mobile software design is a wide range of areas, we have decided to pay special attention to those designed specifically for iOS designers. This is another reason why we are different from others. We specialize in a field of work. Years of experience, high creativity and innovation are many of the benefits our team has. Apple equipment is the best innovative product in the modern world, so we must continue to update innovation.

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