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What we do

With more than five years of experience, our web design company in London promotes online companies to help them from the very scratched business logo design to the site search engine optimization needs. Designers get creative thinking and advanced coding techniques that enable us to build next-generation mobile applications and great websites to enhance their online business and keep their competitors behind. We like what we do, it's a secret, because our design agencies have successfully built and maintained sites beyond their expectations. This web agency may become their own web development team that create well-designed high-performance informational sites to achieve their business goals.

Why your business needs a signal

This company knows how much brand awareness will affect the development of your business and fully agrees that corporate logo design is also important for established companies and small businesses that just begin. It can be part of a successful strategy because it is the visual form of your brand and reputation:

  • Promote the Business
  • Won the approval
  • Make it memorable

By packing your identity a photo, transfer the heart of the trust and familiarity of the customers. Designers know how to make your work more effective. Experienced designers study your company activities, industry and competitors to help you stand out from your niche and transfer your culture and business identity through business personal logo. Our design agencies know how to make it memorable and recognizable.

4 design basics of your business logo

Business logo is a visual icon that confirms the consistency and memory of your brand. It plays a significant role in the awareness of your brand and transfers the image of your customers to your brand. What allows us to identify which logo can succeed and what a failure is important.

  • main10-cloud
  • main10-tablet
  • main10-folder
  • main10-bulb


Make your project simple and clear. It may reflect in some way what your business activity is, but it should not be submerged and packed with messy details. Remember Nike, Apple, Twitter and other brands. They all mastered the simple and complex art of logo creation for their business. Simple symbols are easy to remember and recognize.


Good design should be relevant to your business, industry and time, reflecting the views of your audience about your products and services. The best logo is often a unique attribute, modern lines and spacings and the opportunity to develop with your business over time.


Business logo should be flexible and can be used in a variety of sizes and sizes. Even if we talk about integrating your brand picture into your website, remember that your customers can access your website from their personal computers and cell phones, and it looks good on any screen, whether big or small. You will use tags of different dimensions and therefore must be extensible.

Correct color scheme

Sometimes the color of power is too great, it can be underestimated. The cause of certain relationships that can affect the attitude of your company in relation to your business. Therefore, some mild tones traditionally exist in the beauty industry, while bright colors are more suitable for sports. Yellow is usually associated with fun and energy, and blue fires trust and authority. So be careful with your choice.

The history of the term "logo"

The "brand" first appeared in the early nineteenth century, when it quoted a combination of two or three font letters. Its emergence is due to increased manufacturing, with the growth of exports and competition, resulting in increased production. In the mid-nineteenth century, the "logo" was applied to all words that did not need to be cut out, such as the name of the newspaper. The XX 'logo' is used to describe the stylized font of the name or symbol of the organization or product. Today, people have different opinions about what the "logo" is.


Image superiority effect

While business logo may be your company name or some graphic symbols or font writing but you should know some of the successes that can help you choose to ensure that your company brand design is successful . We are talking about the "image advantage", which states that images are more likely to become memorable at the top of writing sources because the symbolic model has a strong influence on human thinking as a way of presenting information. That is why the images are widely used for advertising purposes. If you remember for the first time the mark of your mind, you are more likely to remember some symbols with a simple and memorable symbol.

Associative and spontaneous brand awareness

There are two main types of brand awareness that are generally measured in various surveys: help and spontaneity. The auxiliary recall refers to the brand's ability to be recognized by the respondent. In this case, the interviewee will check the brand and indicate the brand they know. When it comes to spontaneous recall, respondents do not need suggestions. They just call your brand, what designers are trying to achieve to create your company logo design. Professional manufacturer of logos is designed to create a business logo easy to remember and comes first to customer's mind. Regardless of the brand, we can only succeed when we value company and provide the reputation of high quality products and services, and we are sure of the existing practice.

Big mistakes during the creation of the logo

Amateurs can make some mistakes in a business logo that our designers want to keep from you.

  • The use of bitmap graphics

    Logo should be flexible. It’s small and large version should appear clear and precise. If you create a bitmap graphic image, you will have a problem when you need to recreate other sizes to make the poster larger. That's why our designers use vector graphics to create your logo, ensure the scalability of the logo, and simplify your additional modifications.

  • Blind brand following

    Our web designers follow the technology trend to ensure that our network agents can provide you with high quality services, but if we talk about the trend of design, we would like to remind you to avoid following. Your company and your brand logo will survive and thrive for a long period of time, and the trend will last for a year or two. Soon after the trend becomes a cliché, you can deny the personality and uniqueness of your company. Well designed logo should be perennial, which is our idea of ​​creating a logo.

  • Much depends on the color effect

    Your company logo can use the black and white version once or twice the possibility of high, if you just emphasize its color mode, you will encounter problems. Colors can provide additional information, but when our web designers create your logo, they think that even if there is no color, it should also be informative.

  • Wrong font writing

    One of the mistakes an amateur often makes is a combination of the wrong font and a variety of fonts. Our design team pays special attention to a source as long as it plays an important role in the company logo. And our designers choose a font that matches the style of the image, but they will not compete with it. We are looking for a balance that gives you the best results and strives to achieve the integrity of your logo.

  • Use visual vocabulary to abuse and learn from ideas

    Your business is unique and you have a unique idea, culture and spirit that your logo is a way to showcase to other worlds. Why is Apple popular? Because it's a slogan "we do not think", it's what people want, they want to express their own personality, they want nobody to have something and ideas. That is why, if you want to stand out, your logo will show your unique identity. Also, the idea of ​​using others in other ways is very illegal. Before our design company offers our custom design service, we will understand your company's standards and traditions, translate your ideas into visual image and share with your customers.

    If you want to get a free custom logo, you can use the free DIY creator. They may not be enough to provide the correct brand image, but at least they can be your source of inspiration and provide a good solution for low cost design. Come to us, make sure your brand professionally creates a unique design - a symbol of your future success and brand recognition.


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Bespoke web design

In addition to design services, our network agents also have a team of experienced web developers and software engineers who can provide high quality software solutions for your business, whether you need to customize your portal, intranet and website Or iOS mobile applications , Android, Windows or integrated solutions to meet the needs of your company. We are a team of professional developers dedicated to tailor custom software solutions for your company.

Our services include:

  • Web application development;
  • iOS application creation;
  • Android application development;
  • Creation of Windows and BlackBerry applications;
  • Website design;
  • Design and integration of logos;
  • Response Design
  • Design UI / UX;
  • Internet consultation.

Our team of experts can help you create an efficient online presence and promote your personality and brand to meet all your requirements.

When you come to us, we think you are our business partner, we do not just want to complete our work and get a return, but we sincerely hope you can succeed. So let’s talk and discuss your thoughts, and we can assure you that we can realize anything you can imagine.