Software Developer Company:
We Accelerate Business Innovation

We are software developer company with the main office in the UK. We work to supply businesses with effective digital solutions that increase productivity and employee mobility, utilising the latest technologies of the IT industry. Our applications have been recognised as industry-leading solutions by experts and users alike.

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Our App Design Team

Our team is proud of our status as one of the leading digital agencies in the UK, which is proven by our broad expertise and extensive portfolio of successful project delivered for businesses both large and small across various industries. Our team is comprised of the best experts in app development, design, management, quality assurance, business analytics and software testing, because we carefully select each candidate to meet our high standard and qualifications. Company has more than 150 employees working in offices across the world. Our digital agency does all work in close cooperation and you can be sure that there will be no difficulties in communication with you, our client.

Reputable Software Developers

We keep an eye on the latest trends of the digital industry and promote innovation, implementing top-notch technologies in our mobile solutions. This helps us to stay on top of the market and add value to our clients’ businesses. Our developers team have worked with many internationally recognised brands, and have lots of positive reviews from our clients, which company staff will be happy to share with you.
Company cares about the staff and provide the best working facilities that one can only imagine. At our high-tech spacious office we have a concentration of brain energy and enthusiasm to work. Our software developer company management believes that the atmosphere in the office is what matter a lot on the employee productivity and want our developers to have a chance to relax and have fun during breaks to get down to work with renewed vigour.

We Crave for Innovation

This also helped the members of our team to get to know each other, feel motivated and secure. Our developer’s company believes that this is what enables us to tackle even the most topical problems of our clients with optimism, friendliness and effectiveness. Each employee of our app development firm gets more than 100 hours of training per year and an access to most reputable educational resources, which enables them to continuously learn new technologies, hone their skills and improve as digital experts.

Developer Initiative

Company encourage cooperation between different developers all around the world and organise regular tech events and meetings to share our knowledge, learn from each other and showcase our innovative projects. Our talented experts have taken part in many international app development conferences, contributing to digital business collaboration. Our digital agency think that regular meetings of tech-savvy individuals have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. We meet to discuss new ideas, solve problems and build stronger relationships within the IT community.

Software Creation

Looking for a professional and experienced app design agency to entrust the development of your next business app? Go no further - here is a team, which proficient in creation of complex corporate systems, bespoke enterprise software, native mobile applications, e-commerce platforms and productivity tools either for inner use within your company or customer-oriented. Staff of our programmers and managers love challenging tasks when it comes to bespoke software creation. Our software company has built complicated lightning management solutions, automation for budget allocation for a leading manufacturing company, booking application for a premium hotel chain and a bespoke content management system for a major US finance agency.
  • Bespoke App Development

    If you need a first-class digital solutions to reach out to your customers, streamline your business processes, automate routine procedures and boost your sales wither delivering your customers great front-end experience or ensure the back-end stability, the digital agency can help you build a smart, efficient and customisable application that will bring all these benefits to your company and customers.
    Tailor-Made Software Solutions
    Software developers of our company work in a close collaboration with our client to get an in-depth understanding of their business, create a comprehensive software requirement specification based on their needs and goals and deliver a solution that will meet their expectations and exceed them, such as:
    • Web-based apps with remote secure database backend
    • Frontend database-driven websites
    • Bespoke web apps with feature-rich customer relationship management systems
    • Business or customer-oriented complex app constellations
    • Desktop programs integrated with cloud solutions synchronizable with central database systems
    • Native mobile and tablet applications with local and cloud services
  • Technologies Our Developers Company Implement

    We have created mobile applications that incorporate the following high-tech features:
    • Secure messaging
    • B2C solutions enabling customers to do the shopping on the go, either from desktop, mobile or tablet
    • QR code scanning for ticket control and goods tracking
    • Dashboards that alert about the next due actions to dispose of entering this info manually
    • Regularly produced, accurate automated reports
    • Tools to forecast stock peaks to maintain stock levels at an optimal level
    Moreover, we can integrate your existing software and any other digital service into your newly-developed product
  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Our primary goal is to deliver an app that meets your requirements and works for the success of your business. So we do not want to spoil your experience working with us, making you pay for product licensing or any other fees. You can be absolutely sure that there will be no legal issue or other misunderstandings throughout the way:
    • When your app is ready, you will receive the intellectual property rights and we guarantee you that you will not have to pay any license fees to take the full advantage of the software we build for you.
    • We do not use any proprietary technologies or tools to design your app. This ensures the ease of software maintenance in the long run and that your employees will not have to get any special training to learn how to use the app.
  • Post-Launch Activities

    Our aim is not to build a product and move to producing another - we continuously support, update and improve applications that we develop. Our developers team is proud of the software and want you to maximise the profit it brings you, therefore we:
    • Write the functional specification in plain English - we do not try to get you confused with technical terminology and computer jargon.
    • Conduct necessary training for your employees either at our headquarters or at your premises. However, you should not worry about it as our applications are easy to understand and highly intuitive, but if you still feel that you need a more deep insight into how everything works, we are eager to help.
    • Offer post-launch support services as a service-level agreement to monitor the performance of your software, provide you with regular analytical reports and resolve any issues
    • Host your web-based solution for additional fees. We have a secure, fast and scalable server powered by the industry leaders.
    If you want to learn more about our bespoke software development services, drop us a line or give us a call, we'll be happy to chat.

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App Developers

How to Choose the Right Developer?

When you work with a company, you want to know as much information about it as possible. Have they enough experience working on similar project? Are they the right choice to deliver an app I need within the deadlines I set? Can they be fully trusted? At our mobile development firm, we work hard to make our mutual experience pleasant and ensure that you will come to us again for your next piece of high-quality software.
Why You Can Rely on Us
There is nothing more disappointing than hiring developers to build your project only to find out that they lag behind and fail to deliver a solution you expected them to deliver. That is why we always make sure that:
  • You get the intellectual property rights for the software - you will not have to pay any extra charges not specified in the contract
  • Our agency do not outsource app development to third parties - only our in-house experts are involved in the software development process, because we care a lot to maintain our high standards and ensure good communication with the client
  • We will not abuse our power, making you reliant on us - everything that we do for you is yours, we will provide you with the code, which you will be able to use as you wish
  • Our expert will not perplex you with IT terminology - company staff will be super happy if you want to dive head first into the programmer's jargon, but if you feel that t is too much, managers will take time to explain everything we do. Our digital experts realize that it is very important that you understood what the company do and why.
  • You have an expert project manager attached to your project - so that you will have one person to discuss any issues and not get confused getting disparate pieces of information from different people
  • We keep you informed about every step we take - we will not keep you ignorant if we have any issues or fail to meet deadlines - company will report it to you and discuss how to act.